hands, female portrait Sabrina Kalleen by Virgil Elliott
Sabrina Kalleen, detail of hands, etc.
female portrait Sabrina Kalleen by Virgil Elliott
Portrait of Sabrina Kalleen, detail
Boland Double Portrait
Boland Double Portrait
The Songstress
The Songstress

About the Atelier

An Atelier, in the original usage of the word, is simply the studio of an artist, wherein his (or her) works are created, and in which a small number of promising students receive instruction directly from the Master of the atelier.


Shakespeare Quote

"As man can breathe and eye can see, so long lives this and gives life to thee."

New Video Released June 6, 2021

Virgil Elliott's long-awaited video, The Principles of Visual Reality is now available from Liliedahl Publishing.
Buy via this link:LiliArtVideo.com/elliott-release

Updated Edition of Traditional Oil Painting Available Now
Interview on The Artful Painter Podcast
Virgil Elliott Included in New Book
Podcast interview: Living Master Artist Virgil Elliott on Art from the Renaissance to the Present

Traci L. Slatton interviews Virgil on painting, drawing, music and teaching. Go to www.blogtalkradio.com/independentartiststhinkers/2015/10/01/living-master-artist-virgil-elliott-on-art-from-the-renaissance-to-the-present to  listen to or  download the one hour interview.

Virgil Elliott In An Alla Prima Portrait Webinar
Alla Prima video screenshot

Watch and listen as Virgil Elliott paints a portrait from life. For more information and preview visit www.juskathryn.com/blog/virgil-elliott-promo-ii